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Eternity Rings vs Three Stones: What’s the Difference?

by Elise Jewelry 01 Feb 2024
Eternity Rings vs Three Stones: What’s the Difference?

Eternity rings versus three-stone diamond rings, also known as trinity rings, may sound similar, but they differ significantly in design. While both aim to express enduring love, understanding the distinctions between them can help you discover the perfect design that suits your personality. This article provides comprehensive information on eternity rings and three-stone rings. Let's begin!

Eternity rings Vs Three stone rings: What’s the difference?

There is a wide array of rings in the jewelry market, yet the brilliance of eternity diamond rings and three-stone rings remains unparalleled. The charm and intricate features of these rings can sometimes bewilder buyers during their purchases. Hence, the following will delve into an explanation of each.

What is Eternity Ring?

Eternity, signifying endlessness, is embodied in an eternity ring, which features a complete loop of diamonds and gemstones encircling the entire band. The circular shape, a symbol of eternity, is complemented by diamonds or gemstones representing love. Thus, the unbroken circle of diamonds makes the eternity ring a poignant symbol of enduring and everlasting love.

What are the Types of Eternity Rings?

There are three variations of eternity diamond rings based on the number of diamonds and their placement:

  1. Full eternity diamond ring: Featuring diamonds encircling the entire ring, including the underside, this design boasts exquisite beauty, providing maximum shine.

  2. Three-fourth eternity diamond ring: In this type, diamonds adorn three-fourths of the ring's surface, leaving the remaining portion blank.

  3. Half eternity diamond ring: Covering half of the ring's surface with diamonds, the other side remains untouched. Due to the fewer diamonds, this type of ring is more budget-friendly.

How to choose metals for Eternity Diamond Rings?

All jewelry is crafted from a chosen metal, contributing to its value and luster. Nevertheless, eternity diamond rings hold a distinct exclusivity, standing out effortlessly irrespective of the metal's inherent brightness.

You have the option to choose platinum or different shades of gold for your eternity ring. The metal, whether in white or yellow gold, harmonizes with the diamonds, turning the ring into an enchanting piece for you.

What is a Three-Stone Diamond Ring?

Three-stone diamond rings are easily identified by the number of diamonds set into them. As the name suggests, a three-stone diamond ring has three diamonds on the ring's crown and is also known as a trinity or trio ring.

Beyond their captivating beauty, three-stone diamond rings carry rich symbolism and personal significance. If you're looking for a ring with profound meaning, this should be at the top of your list. Traditionally, the ring signifies the past, present, and future of a relationship. Alternatively, it can also symbolize commitment, friendship, true love, and even hold religious importance.

What are the Types of Three-Stone Diamond Rings?

The three-stone diamond ring is designed with three stones, each secured by a three-prong setting, offering diverse options for customization. You can explore the following choices:

  • Cushion-set diamonds
  • Round brilliant diamonds
  • Princess-cut diamonds
  • Bezel setting

Additionally, you have the flexibility to select from various stone shapes, including:

  • Heart
  • Emerald
  • Oval
  • Marquise

The three-stone diamond ring is categorized into three types based on the size of the diamonds:

  1. Classic type: This features a larger diamond at the center, flanked by two slightly smaller diamonds on the sides.

  2. Two graduating types: In this variation, all the diamonds differ in size, arranged in a graduating manner.

  3. Twin diamond: Here, all three diamonds are of the same size, color, and carat.

How to Choose Metals for Three-Stone Diamond Rings?

The metal of choice for many in their three-stone diamond ring is often shades of gold. It's recommended to stick to a single-color metal and avoid incorporating multiple colors for three-stone rings, as doing so can diminish the sparkle and brilliance of the diamonds.

Here's a key point to remember: when considering rose gold or yellow gold, there's a substantial difference in the durability between 14k and 18k, unlike white gold where the strength difference is minimal due to the rhodium coating.

Irrespective of the design chosen, one thing is clear: three-stone diamond rings serve as perfect jewelry pieces and make exceptional selections for wedding or engagement rings.


Eternity Rings Vs Three-Stone Rings: What’s the key difference in design?

While both express enduring love, Eternity Rings feature a complete loop of diamonds, symbolizing endlessness. Three-Stone Rings, on the other hand, have three diamonds on the crown, symbolizing past, present, and future.

What characterizes an Eternity Ring?

Eternity Rings embody endlessness with a complete loop of diamonds or gemstones encircling the band, symbolizing enduring love.

What are the types of Eternity Rings based on diamonds and placement?

Three variations include Full Eternity Diamond Ring, Three-Fourth Eternity Diamond Ring, and Half Eternity Diamond Ring.

How to choose metals for Eternity Diamond Rings?

Options like platinum or various shades of gold can transform the ring into an enchanting piece.

What defines a Three-Stone Diamond Ring?

Three diamonds on the crown symbolize past, present, and future, with rich symbolism in relationships and other significant aspects.

What are the types of Three-Stone Diamond Rings based on diamond size?

Classic Type, Two Graduating Types, and Twin Diamond, each with distinctive diamond arrangements.

How to choose metals for Three-Stone Diamond Rings?

It's recommended to stick to single-color metals, avoiding multiple colors that could diminish diamond sparkle.

Why are Three-Stone Diamond Rings ideal for weddings or engagements?

Regardless of design, Three-Stone Diamond Rings are exquisite, symbolizing profound meaning and making exceptional choices for weddings or engagements.


Choosing between Eternity Rings and Three-Stone Rings extends beyond aesthetics to embody profound symbolism. Eternity Rings symbolize endless love with complete loops of diamonds, while Three-Stone Rings signify the past, present, and future of relationships. The decision hinges on personal preferences, from diamond placement to metal choice. Both options, whether the continuous circle of diamonds or the trio of stones, serve as timeless expressions of love and commitment, making them ideal for weddings or engagements. Understanding these nuances enables individuals to select a piece that not only suits their style but also resonates with deeper meaning.

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