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What is a Diamond Accent?

by Elise Jewelry 14 Mar 2024
What is a Diamond Accent?

There are many ways to make diamond jewelry stand out. Designers can incorporate pops of color with gemstones or create intricate shapes with filigree. However, nothing quite matches the brilliance and shine of diamond jewelry like the inclusion of diamond accents.

So, what exactly are diamond accents? Diamond accents, also known as accent diamonds, are small diamonds that complement larger ones, enhancing the overall beauty of the jewelry piece.

How Big Are Diamond Accents?

The size of a diamond accent can vary depending on the setting and the size of the main diamond. Generally, accent diamonds weigh between 0.01 and 0.20 carats. Given their role in enhancing the beauty of larger diamonds or other gems, accent diamonds are typically kept relatively small.

What Are the Different Types of Diamond Accents?

Today, jewelry commonly features four main types of diamond accents:

  • Baguette Accent Diamonds
  • Marquise Accent Diamonds
  • Trillion Accent Diamonds
  • Round Accent Diamonds

Baguette Accent Diamonds

Baguette diamonds are characterized by their step-cut and rectangular shape. Tapered baguette diamonds, on the other hand, feature long sides that gradually narrow towards the bottom.

Typically utilized as side stones, one baguette diamond is often placed on each side of a larger diamond. With only 14 facets, baguette diamonds serve to complement larger diamonds without overshadowing them.

Due to their elongated shape, baguette diamonds are easily embedded into narrow bands. As a result, they are frequently arranged around the entire circumference of a ring or bracelet using a channel setting.

Marquise Accent Diamonds

Marquise diamonds feature an oval shape with curved sides tapering to distinct points at both ends. Similar to baguette diamonds, marquise accent diamonds are primarily employed as side stones.

The gentle curves of marquise diamonds create a striking contrast with the clean lines of emerald and princess cut diamonds. Additionally, marquise diamonds serve as an intriguing complement to round diamonds, infusing a distinctive element into traditional jewelry designs.

The versatility of these diamonds stems from their unique shape. When arranged in a V-shape, they form an exquisite chevron pattern, enhancing the allure of any jewelry piece.

Trillion Accent Diamonds

Trillion diamonds boast a triangular shape, cut similarly to radiant diamonds to produce a dazzling sparkle. They are frequently employed as side stones in three-stone settings.

The brilliance of a trillion diamond surpasses that of diamonds with less sparkle. Thus, it is advisable to pair trillion accent diamonds with round brilliant, oval, or radiant diamonds for optimal effect.

Round Accent Diamonds

Round accent diamonds, though simple in appearance, are undeniably striking. They hold the distinction of being the most adaptable among accent diamonds, owing to their classic shape that complements any diamond shape or setting flawlessly.

Often found as side stones or incorporated into pave or channel settings, round diamonds also play a significant role in the creation of the popular halo setting. This setting features round accent diamonds encircling a central large diamond, adding an extra touch of sparkle and brilliance to any piece.

How to Choose the Right Accent Diamonds For Your Jewelry

The right accent diamonds have the power to transform a modest piece of diamond jewelry into a stunning showpiece. But how do you go about selecting the perfect accent diamonds? Consider these guidelines:

  • Optimal sizing: Choose accent diamonds that are no larger than 15% of the size of the main stone. For example, if the main diamond is 1 carat, each accent stone should be under 0.15 carats.
  • Consistent matching: Ensure that your accent diamonds match in size, shape, color, and clarity to create a seamless blend. Using mismatched accent diamonds can detract from the elegance of the central diamond.
  • Embrace uniqueness: Don't be afraid to mix different shapes of accent diamonds. Experimenting with various shapes can result in a distinctive and beautiful piece of jewelry that reflects your individuality.

Above all, remember that there are no strict rules when it comes to choosing accent diamonds. Trust your instincts and select the accent diamonds that resonate with you the most—this way, you'll always be delighted with your choice.


How do diamond accents enhance the beauty of jewelry?

Diamond accents, also known as accent diamonds, are small diamonds strategically placed to complement larger ones, amplifying the overall allure of the jewelry piece.

What is the typical size range for diamond accents?

Accent diamonds generally weigh between 0.01 and 0.20 carats, with their size dependent on the setting and the size of the main diamond.

What are the different types of diamond accents commonly used in jewelry?

The main types of diamond accents include Baguette, Marquise, Trillion, and Round accent diamonds, each with unique characteristics that contribute to the overall aesthetics of the piece.

How are Baguette accent diamonds characterized?

Baguette diamonds feature a step-cut rectangular shape, often utilized as side stones due to their ability to complement larger diamonds without overshadowing them.

What distinguishes Marquise accent diamonds from other types?

Marquise diamonds exhibit an oval shape with curved sides tapering to distinct points at both ends, adding a unique and elegant touch to jewelry designs.

What makes Trillion accent diamonds stand out?

Trillion diamonds boast a triangular shape and are frequently used as side stones in three-stone settings, adding a dazzling sparkle to the overall piece.

Why are Round accent diamonds considered versatile?

Round diamonds, with their classic shape, are adaptable and can complement any diamond shape or setting flawlessly, often found as side stones or in popular halo settings.

How should one choose the right accent diamonds for their jewelry?

When selecting accent diamonds, consider factors such as optimal sizing, consistent matching in size, shape, color, and clarity, and embrace uniqueness by experimenting with different shapes to reflect your individual style and preferences. Trust your instincts to ensure satisfaction with your choice.


Accent diamonds are indispensable in elevating diamond jewelry from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether it's the classic allure of Baguette, the unique grace of Marquise, the dazzling brilliance of Trillion, or the timeless charm of Round diamonds, each type adds its own special touch to jewelry designs. By understanding these varieties and adhering to selection guidelines, individuals can craft personalized pieces that reflect their unique style. Choosing the perfect accent diamonds is not just a process, but an exciting journey of self-expression, ensuring that every jewelry piece becomes a cherished symbol of elegance and sophistication.

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