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The Best Wedding Necklaces for a Bride

by Elise Jewelry 25 Jan 2024

If you wish to make a statement on your wedding day, wearing a necklace is the way to go. Here are the top wedding necklaces for a beautiful bride!

Every year, approximately two million brides in the US walk down the aisle. Most of them go through a series of steps to ensure they look their best: finding the perfect dress, fitting into it, getting skin treatments, styling their hair—you name it. In the midst of all these preparations, are you forgetting about your jewelry?

While your dress may be the centerpiece of your wedding look, your jewelry can either enhance or detract from it. How do you begin your search for the perfect jewelry?

Start with these recommendations for the best wedding necklaces for a bride.

1. Heart-Shaped Necklaces

Weddings are centered around love, so why not extend that theme to your necklace? A heart-shaped pendant serves as a romantic embellishment for any bride.

Given the widespread popularity of heart-shaped pendants, there are numerous options available.

If you prefer to embrace your unique style, you can inject some color into your pendant.

2. Pearl or Imitation Pearl Strands

In the wrld of wedding jewelry, is there anything as timeless as a strand of pearls? We don't believe so.

For those seeking the truly classic aesthetic without the expense of genuine pearls, imitation pearls are crafted from real seashells.

If white pearls don't align with your personal style, you also have the option to infuse your own personality into the mix.

3. Necklaces with a Natural Touch

If you're someone who appreciates being close to nature, the concept of a grand glamorous wedding might seem outside your comfort zone. Why not incorporate a touch of nature by choosing jewelry that reflects the outdoors?

4. Multi-Tiered Necklaces

Some wedding dress necklines require a more substantial accessory. For instance, if your dress has a deep V-shaped neckline, you need a necklace large enough to fill that space without making you feel weighed down, as if there's an anvil around your neck.

5. Statement Pendants

While some brides choose a glamorous, attention-grabbing gown with jewelry serving as a mere finishing touch, others lean towards simpler, understated wedding dresses. However, there are occasions when you want to introduce jewelry that makes a statement alongside the dress. A striking pendant can be the perfect way to achieve that desired look.

6. Bold, Solid Necklaces

What if you desire a striking, noticeable necklace but aren't fond of the pendant style? Similar to the pendant, this necklace draws attention to your neckline and introduces an intriguing element to more straightforward wedding dresses. Simultaneously, it boasts a more contemporary and distinctive shape.

7. Beaded Strands

In addition to pearls, a classic wedding necklace style involves a string of beads positioned close to the collarbone.

8. Something Blue

You may have heard about the tradition suggesting brides wear "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue" at their weddings. Did you know that the inclusion of "something blue" is meant to symbolize love and fidelity in your marriage?

While some brides opt for a subtle approach to their "something blue," you have the option to wear yours around your neck, bringing a lively splash of color to your bridal attire.

9. Necklaces with Religious Symbols

For many brides, their wedding holds deep religious significance as they unite with their new spouse. If you aim to showcase your faith on your wedding day, incorporating religious-themed jewelry is a stylish and meaningful way to do it.


Why is wearing a necklace recommended for making a statement on your wedding day?

A necklace is a versatile accessory that can enhance your overall wedding look, adding a touch of elegance and personal expression.

How can jewelry complement the wedding dress?

While the dress is the centerpiece, jewelry can either enhance or detract from the overall look. It's essential to find pieces that complement the dress and reflect your personal style.

What are some popular options for romantic wedding necklaces?

Heart-shaped pendants are a popular choice, symbolizing love and romance. They come in various styles, allowing brides to express their unique preferences.

What is the significance of pearls in wedding jewelry?

Pearls are considered timeless in wedding jewelry, offering a classic and elegant aesthetic. Imitation pearls, crafted from real seashells, provide a more affordable yet equally beautiful option.

How can brides incorporate a natural touch into their wedding jewelry?

Brides who appreciate nature can choose jewelry that reflects the outdoors, adding a unique and personal element to their wedding ensemble.

What type of necklace is suitable for deep V-shaped necklines in wedding dresses?

Multi-tiered necklaces are recommended for dresses with deep V-shaped necklines, providing a substantial accessory without feeling cumbersome.

How can brides make a statement with their jewelry alongside a simpler wedding dress?

Statement pendants offer a stylish solution for brides opting for simpler dresses, adding a bold and attention-grabbing element to their overall look.


Selecting the ideal wedding necklace is a meaningful choice that enhances the bride's overall look. From timeless pearls to romantic pendants, the diverse options cater to various preferences. Whether making a bold statement or incorporating subtle touches, the right necklace plays a pivotal role in completing the bride's ensemble. This quest is a creative and sentimental exploration, marking the joyous beginning of a beautiful chapter.

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