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Ways To Wear Layered Necklaces Like A Pro

by Elise Jewelry 21 Sep 2023

When choosing a necklace to wear, it's essential to stay updated with the latest fashion trends. Wearing outdated necklaces might make you appear out of touch in front of your friends and loved ones. Additionally, consider the necklace length carefully; for instance, the style of a halter neck top requires a different necklace length compared to what complements a lacy jacket or cardigan. These are stunning ways on how you can sport layered necklaces like a pro.

1. Camouflage a body chain with a dainty necklace

Body chains are undeniably stylish and bold, especially when paired with a delicate necklace. This particular fashion trend is easy to embrace and can be incorporated into various outfits.

2. Lariat necklaces

You can create a super-cool look by layering a choker, a delicate necklace, and a lariat-style necklace. This trendy layering technique is sure to capture everyone's attention when you attend glamorous events like glittering parties or celebrity shows.

You can also pair the lariat-style necklace with other necklaces to create a beautifully layered look. This combination results in a stylish and fabulous layered design that complements V-neck tops exceptionally well.

3. Chokers and dainty necklaces go hand in hand

Though this layering technique calls for a minimalist design, this one is pretty simple to follow. You look drop-dead gorgeous when to adapt to this style of layering up a necklace. Your daily-wear chain or your dainty necklace is worn along with a choker. You can apply this style while going in for an office look

4. Create an amazing mélange of dainty necklaces with the chunkier designs

Incorporate chunkier and more daring necklace designs with delicate, petite chains for an intriguing contrast. This blending of styles can yield unexpectedly refreshing layering effects. To make the most of this particular layered look, pair it with a formal shirt and a sharp pair of trousers for a sophisticated ensemble.

5. Enhance your vintage-inspired looks

Are you aiming for an elegant and sophisticated appearance? Do you want to achieve a layered style that makes you the center of attention? If so, consider embracing vintage-inspired necklaces. These necklaces typically feature pearls, beads, and floral embellishments. To add an extra touch of charm to your ensemble, consider incorporating Victorian-inspired enamel pendants. For a stunning layered effect, combine a retro or vintage-inspired necklace with a lovely choker and a dazzling medium-length necklace. This combination will undoubtedly help you stand out in style.

6. Delicate pendant necklaces in varying lengths

Whether you're donning a cozy sweater top or a cardigan to stay warm in winter, consider opting for delicate pendant-style necklaces. To achieve a more fashionable look, layer three pendant-style necklaces with different lengths, and you're ready to step out in style.

7. Match old jewelry with your brand new set

Unlock the potential of your long-forgotten jewelry pieces that have been hiding away in your closet for years. By pairing your timeless necklaces with the latest trendy chains you've acquired, you can craft a captivating layered style. The art of mixing and matching jewelry pieces can result in a stunning and unique look that adds a touch of glamour to your ensemble.


Why is it important to stay updated with the latest fashion trends when choosing a necklace to wear?

Staying updated with fashion trends is essential because wearing outdated necklaces can make you appear out of touch in front of your friends and loved ones. Fashion evolves, and choosing necklaces that align with current trends helps you maintain a stylish and contemporary look.

What is the key to pairing a body chain with a delicate necklace?

Pairing a body chain with a delicate necklace is a bold and stylish choice. To do it successfully, choose a delicate necklace that complements the style and aesthetics of your body chain. This combination can add a unique and trendy touch to various outfits.

How can I sport layered necklaces like a pro using chokers and dainty necklaces?

To achieve a stunning layered look, pair a choker with a dainty necklace. This minimalist layering technique is simple yet elegant, perfect for both casual and office looks. The contrast between the two necklace styles creates a visually appealing effect.

What's the best way to enhance vintage-inspired looks with necklaces?

To enhance vintage-inspired looks, consider incorporating necklaces featuring pearls, beads, and floral embellishments. Adding Victorian-inspired enamel pendants can also elevate your ensemble. For a standout layered style, combine retro or vintage-inspired necklaces with a choker and a medium-length necklace.

How can I create a fashionable look using delicate pendant necklaces?

Delicate pendant necklaces are versatile and work well with cozy sweater tops or cardigans, especially in winter. Layering three pendant-style necklaces of different lengths can add a fashionable and chic element to your outfit, making you ready to step out in style.

What's the advantage of matching old jewelry with new chains?

Matching old jewelry with new chains allows you to unlock the potential of forgotten pieces in your closet. This creative mix-and-match approach can result in a captivating and unique layered style. It adds a touch of glamour to your ensemble by blending timeless pieces with trendy chains, creating a fashion-forward look.


mastering the art of necklace layering can be a game-changer for your style. By staying updated with trends and experimenting with different necklace combinations, you can effortlessly elevate your fashion game. Whether you're mixing body chains with delicate pieces, going for a vintage-inspired look, or layering pendant necklaces, there are endless possibilities. Don't forget to breathe new life into old jewelry by pairing it with fresh additions. With these tips, you can rock layered necklaces like a pro, making your personal style stand out.

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