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Tips for Wearing Jewelry on the Beach

by Elise Jewelry 29 Nov 2023

Summer has officially arrived, and hopefully, many of us can enjoy some time on the beach this year. Jewelry can add a touch of elegance to your beach outfits, but it's important to be cautious to prevent losing or damaging precious items. I've gathered some of my top tips for wearing jewelry at the beach.

Use jewelry to finish your summer outfits

You might believe that wearing jewelry to the beach contradicts common sense, but it can enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. There's no need to disregard jewelry when heading to the beach! Whether you choose vibrant hues or classic silver and gold, you can coordinate earrings and necklaces with your swimwear and summer dresses.

Opt for beaded jewelry for a summery look

To capture the quintessential summer vibe at the beach, I believe opting for beaded jewelry is ideal, and it's certainly in vogue right now.

Be careful with rings in the ocean

Many peoples habitually wear their rings, especially wedding and engagement rings, all the time. However, when it comes to being on the beach, it's advisable to think about storing them securely. This precaution is especially important if you plan to take a dip in the ocean because if your ring happens to slip off while swimming, it could be lost permanently!

If you're going for a swim, it's wise to take off your jewelry as a precaution and place it in a secure location. Nevertheless, ensure it remains under supervision and is not left unattended, especially if the beach is crowded.

Be aware that silver can oxidize

Similar to wearing sterling silver jewelry in the shower, wearing it to the beach and in the sea won't necessarily damage the metal, but the water can cause oxidation in the silver. This means it's prone to tarnishing and will consequently start darkening.

Nevertheless, in the event of tarnishing, silver can be easily cleaned. So, if you'd rather keep your silver jewelry on at the beach, I say go for it! Just be mindful that if it holds significant value, exercise caution when wearing it in the sea to prevent potential loss.

Best to avoid gold-plated jewelry on the beach

We recommend refraining from wearing gold-plated jewelry on sandy beaches, as the abrasive nature of sand can erode the plating. Opt for solid metals like sterling silver and durable gemstones instead. If you choose to wear gemstones, ensure that their setting is sturdy.


Is it really a good idea to wear jewelry at the beach?

Absolutely! Wearing jewelry at the beach can add an elegant touch to your summer outfits and boost your confidence. Just follow some precautions to prevent any damage or loss.

Can I wear vibrant-colored jewelry to the beach?

Yes, you can definitely choose vibrant hues or classic silver and gold to coordinate with your swimwear and summer dresses for a stylish beach look.

Why is beaded jewelry recommended for a beach look?

Beaded jewelry is ideal for capturing the quintessential summer vibe at the beach, and it's currently a trendy choice for a summery look.

What precautions should I take with rings at the beach?

It's advisable to store rings securely, especially wedding and engagement rings, when on the beach. Taking them off before a swim is a precaution to avoid potential loss.

Can I wear silver jewelry in the sea without damage?

While water can cause oxidation in silver, leading to tarnishing, it can be easily cleaned. Feel free to wear your silver jewelry at the beach, but exercise caution if it's of significant value.

Why should I avoid gold-plated jewelry on sandy beaches?

The abrasive nature of sand can wear away the plating on gold jewelry. It's recommended to opt for solid metals like sterling silver and sturdy gemstones for a durable and stylish beach look.


Elevate your beach style with jewelry that enhances your elegance and confidence. From vibrant colors to classic metals, there are diverse options to complement your summer outfits. While expressing your style, be cautious with precious items like rings and mindful of metal characteristics. By following these tips, you can enjoy stylish beach accessorizing, making a splash under the summer sun while safeguarding your jewelry from potential damage or loss.

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