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Tips for Buying a Wedding Ring

by Elise Jewelry 07 Oct 2023

Few adornments hold as much symbolism and sentimental value as a wedding ring. A meticulously designed and enchanting band can not only enhance the beauty of an engagement ring but also serve as an enduring symbol of your love and unwavering commitment. With a plethora of choices available, it becomes imperative to deliberate on various factors that will assist both you and your partner in making the most suitable selection. take a moment to peruse these tips designed to aid you in discovering the ideal wedding ring for your journey ahead.

1. Include Wedding Rings in Your Big Day Budget

When talking about wedding jewelry, it's often easy to focus primarily on the engagement ring and overlook the importance of the wedding band. To avoid any last-minute financial surprises and to ensure that the engagement ring and wedding bands harmonize in terms of quality, remember to set aside a portion of your budget for both partners to have their own wedding bands. This way, you can achieve a polished and cohesive look when these meaningful pieces are worn together.

2. Order Your Wedding Rings With Time to Spare

Similar to an engagement ring, it's crucial to place your order for a wedding band well in advance of your wedding day. While most jewelers suggest allowing four to six weeks for order processing and shipping, if you have your heart set on a customized, one-of-a-kind design, it's wise to plan for a few months of creation time. The most reliable approach is to have a discussion with your jeweler for precise timelines and guidance.

3. Pick a Style You Adore

Just like engagement rings, wedding bands offer a plethora of style options, ranging from timeless and traditional to bold and contemporary. It's crucial to contemplate how your chosen band will mirror your individual style, ensuring that you'll cherish it for a lifetime.

While many women opt to coordinate their wedding band with their engagement ring, often obtaining them as a matching set, there's also the exciting possibility of customizing a band to complement the engagement ring, adding unique and captivating details.

For men, simpler band styles made from materials such as white gold, tungsten, titanium, or yellow gold are commonly chosen. However, grooms need not feel confined to these options; there's a diverse array of styles and customization choices available for masculine bands as well, including the inclusion of gemstones or intricate patterned designs.

4. Be mindful of Safekeeping

Once your wedding bands are in your possession and you've rekindled your love for them, it's natural to want to keep them safe at all times. Establishing a routine to ensure the security of your bands before, during, and after your wedding is crucial.

In the lead-up to your wedding day, choose a secure location that both you and your partner are familiar with to store your precious rings, reducing the risk of misplacing them. Make sure this location is out of reach for pets and children. On the actual wedding day, hand your bands over to your designated wedding attendant, who will be responsible for safeguarding them until the ceremony.

After your wedding, it's wise to consistently store your bands away from sinks, vents, or any places where they could potentially be lost. If you frequently remove your bands for daily tasks, you might consider investing in a chain to keep them within easy reach and avoid misplacement.

5. Find The Perfect Match

While many couples opt for matching wedding rings, symbolizing their deep connection, it's important to acknowledge that personal style preferences may differ. For instance, a bride might prefer a slender band to showcase her engagement ring, while a groom may lean towards a thicker wedding ring.

To accommodate both individuals' preferences, a custom jeweler can craft rings that align with each person's unique style.  You can choose matching metals, stones, or band designs to create the ideal complement to your love story.

6. Prioritize Your Comfort and Lifestyle Needs

Both you and your partner should prioritize comfort when choosing your wedding bands for everyday wear. If you plan to wear your wedding ring alongside your engagement ring, make sure they fit well together without causing any discomfort or feeling bulky. Additionally, consider your daily activities that could impact the durability of your wedding band. If you frequently engage in hands-on tasks, it's advisable to select a band made from robust materials like tungsten or titanium, which require minimal maintenance over time.


Why is it important to include wedding rings in our wedding budget?

Including wedding rings in your budget ensures that you allocate funds for this significant part of your wedding jewelry. It helps avoid last-minute financial surprises and ensures that your engagement ring and wedding bands are of consistent quality, creating a harmonious and polished look when worn together.

How far in advance should we order our wedding bands?

It's advisable to place your wedding band order well in advance of your wedding day. While four to six weeks are typically recommended for processing and shipping, custom designs may take a few months. It's best to consult your jeweler for precise timelines and guidance.

How can we pick a wedding band style that suits our individual tastes?

Wedding bands come in various styles, from classic to contemporary. Consider how your chosen band reflects your unique style to ensure you'll cherish it for a lifetime. You can also customize a band to complement your engagement ring, adding unique details.

What materials are commonly used for men's wedding bands?

Men often opt for simpler band styles made from materials like white gold, tungsten, titanium, or yellow gold. However, there's a wide array of styles and customization options for masculine bands, including gemstones or intricate patterns.

How should we keep our wedding bands safe before, during, and after the wedding?

Before the wedding, choose a secure location to store your wedding bands, out of reach from pets and children. On the wedding day, entrust them to a designated wedding attendant. After the wedding, keep them away from areas where they could be lost and consider using a chain for easy access if you frequently remove them.

Should both partners have matching wedding rings?

While many couples choose matching wedding rings to symbolize their connection, it's essential to recognize that personal style preferences may vary. Custom jewelers can create rings that align with each person's unique style, offering options like matching metals, stones, or band designs to complement your love story.

How can we prioritize comfort and lifestyle needs when selecting wedding bands?

Prioritize comfort by ensuring that your wedding ring fits well with your engagement ring, avoiding discomfort or bulkiness when worn together. Consider your daily activities that might affect the durability of your wedding band, and select materials like tungsten or titanium for low-maintenance options, especially if you engage in hands-on tasks.


Choosing the perfect wedding band is a significant step in your journey to the big day. Remember to budget for both partners, order in advance, and pick a style that suits your unique taste and lifestyle. Whether you opt for matching bands or celebrate your individuality, make a choice that feels right. With careful consideration, you'll find a wedding ring to cherish for a lifetime.

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