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Keeping Your Engagement Ring Clean

by Elise Jewelry 11 Aug 2023
Keeping Your Engagement Ring Clean

Doesn't an exquisite engagement ring just illuminate the entire room? It's not simplest a versatile accent that complements any outfit, but it also serves as a lovely image of the profound love shared between you and your accomplice. Maintaining the radiance and brilliance of your engagement ring hinges upon meticulous cleaning, and thus, we've compiled expert guidance to assist you in preserving that remarkable sparkle, ensuring your ring remains as resplendent as the day you accepted the proposal.

Your engagement ring, a treasured possession of immense value, warrants the utmost care and attention to sustain its optimal appearance. Regular cleaning is a paramount facet of its upkeep, showcasing its innate beauty and magnificence. Regardless of its splendor, every precious metal undergoes gradual tarnishing, and even the most exquisite diamond ring will inevitably lose its luster over time unless subjected to proper cleansing and maintenance.

Keeping Your Engagement Ring Clean

To maintain its breathtaking allure, we suggest entrusting your engagement ring to professional cleaning services approximately four times a year. Should your lifestyle involve significant activity - such as extensive cooking, frequent gardening, or exercising while adorned with the ring - a more frequent cleaning routine becomes imperative. Conversely, should you prudently store the ring when engaging in strenuous physical activities like gym sessions or yard work, it will retain its brilliance longer between the scheduled professional cleanings.

Having Your Engagement Ring Professionally Cleaned

You have the option to visit any jeweler to avail professional cleaning services for your ring. Numerous jewelers offer this service without any cost, particularly if you revisit the store where you originally acquired the ring. In such cases, cleaning is often provided as a complimentary service. Nonetheless, if you decide to have your ring cleaned at a jeweler other than the one you bought it from, there could be a cleaning fee ranging between $25 and $50.

Caring For your Engagement ring Between Cleanings

To ensure the well-being and enduring allure of your engagement ring, contemplate removing it during activities that could potentially cause harm, such as dishwashing, sports, cleaning (especially with potent chemical agents like bleach, ammonia, or oven cleaners), or tasks demanding substantial manual labor, like sculpting, landscaping, metalwork, or home improvement.

Furthermore, your occupation significantly influences the care required for your ring. Occupations such as baking, cooking, healthcare, artistry, sports coaching, childcare, and roles involving construction or craftsmanship entail extensive manual engagement. In such scenarios, leaving your ring at home might be prudent, particularly when dealing with heavy machinery or undertaking messy, vigorous tasks—especially if your ring boasts a prominent setting or sizable center stones.

How to clean your Engagement Ring at Home

In between professional cleanings, maintaining the year-round radiance of your engagement ring can be easily achieved through at-home cleaning.

How to clean your Engagement Ring at Home

The process of cleaning your engagement ring at home is remarkably straightforward and requires common household items that you likely have readily available. All that's needed is a mild dish soap or detergent free from abrasives and harsh chemicals, warm water, a soaking bowl, and a soft bristle brush for delicately erasing accumulated dirt and grime. Here's how to restore your ring's brilliance to its full splendor:

  1. Fill a bowl with warm water and add a small amount of dish detergent, stirring to disperse the soap.
  2. Submerge your ring inside the soapy water and allow it soak for approximately 20 minutes. This facilitates the loosening and softening of any accumulated residue.
  3. Employ a soft bristle brush, such as a gentle toothbrush or a dedicated cleaning brush, to softly cleanse your ring. Pay close attention to hidden areas beneath the ring and any intricate details or crevices where dirt may accumulate. For stubborn dirt, if it persists after a gentle scrub, consider repeating the soaking and cleaning steps.
  4. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse your ring under clean water. If conducting this step over a sink, ensure the drain is secured to prevent accidental loss. If your local water is hard and prone to leaving spots or residue, it's advisable to clean and rinse your ring with bottled or distilled water.
  5. With your ring now clean, carefully pat it dry using a clean, lint-free microfiber cloth.
  6. Repeat this process as needed. For an enduring sparkle, aim to clean your engagement ring once a week.

By following these steps, you can consistently maintain the enchanting brilliance of your engagement ring, ensuring it remains a captivating symbol of your affection.

A Final Word About Cleaning Your Ring at Home

During your at-home ring cleaning routine, it's crucial to adhere to mild cleaning agents. Specialists from the GIA advise refraining from utilizing ultrasonic cleaners, steam cleaning, or potent chemical solutions for your valuable jewelry. These rigorous cleaning techniques carry a potential risk of causing harm to your ring if not employed correctly. They are better suited for professionals who can assess the stability of the ring setting and apply these methods safely when suitable. For personal cleaning, opt for a gentle household detergent like dish soap or a commercial jewelry cleaner for optimal results.

How Often Should I Clean My Engagement Ring?

For optimal ring appearance, consider cleaning it on a weekly basis. This frequency effectively prevents the accumulation of daily oils and debris. However, approximately twice a year, it's advisable to have your jeweler perform a cleaning—more often if your ring has encountered substantial debris. "If you engage in vigorous outdoor activities or frequent the kitchen, resulting in a hardened layer of oil or grime, relying on professional-grade products from jewelers for safe restoration of the stone's brilliance is recommended," suggests Mann. Employing a strategy of removing the ring during potentially damaging or dirtying activities might also allow for less frequent cleanings.

Ring Maintenance

Cleaning constitutes just a single facet of engagement ring maintenance. It is advisable to have your ring professionally examined twice a year to ensure stone security and the integrity of prongs. Despite diligent care, unforeseen accidents can occur, underscoring the importance of insuring your ring for its complete value.


How often should I clean my engagement ring?

To maintain its allure, aim to clean your engagement ring weekly. This prevents the buildup of everyday oils and debris, ensuring its ongoing radiance. For a more thorough cleaning, consider having a professional cleaning performed approximately twice a year, especially if your ring has been exposed to substantial debris.

Can I clean my engagement ring at home?

Certainly, you can maintain your ring's brilliance with at-home cleaning. A simple process involving mild dish soap or detergent, warm water, and a soft bristle brush can effectively remove accumulated dirt and grime. However, be cautious of using potent chemicals, abrasive substances, or ultrasonic cleaners, as they could harm your ring if used improperly.

Is it necessary to have my engagement ring professionally examined?

Yes, professional examinations are advisable to ensure the security of stones and the condition of prongs. It's recommended to have your ring checked twice a year by a jeweler to safeguard its structural integrity.

What should I avoid when cleaning my engagement ring at home?

Steer clear of potent chemicals like bleach, chlorine, and acetone, as they can deteriorate the metal. Also, avoid abrasive products such as toothpaste or baking soda, as they can scratch the metal, particularly gold.

Can I wear my engagement ring during all activities?

While wearing your ring is a personal choice, it's advisable to remove it during activities that could potentially damage it, such as sports, extensive cleaning with harsh chemicals, or tasks involving substantial manual labor. Occupations requiring manual engagement, like cooking or construction, might also warrant careful consideration.

How do I ensure the long-term brilliance of my engagement ring?

In addition to regular cleaning, consider having your ring professionally cleaned and examined twice a year. Moreover, insuring your ring for its full value provides financial protection against unexpected accidents or loss.

Can I use ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaning for my engagement ring?

It's best to avoid using ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaning at home. These techniques should be left to professionals who can assess the suitability of these methods for your ring's setting and material.

What should I do if my engagement ring is exposed to a lot of debris?

If your lifestyle involves activities that expose your ring to significant debris, consider having it cleaned more frequently by professionals. Professional-grade products can effectively restore the stone's brilliance without risking damage.

How should I store my engagement ring to maintain its brilliance?

Safely storing your ring when engaging in potentially damaging or messy activities can help prolong its brilliance. Removing it during activities like cooking, gardening, or heavy manual labor can reduce the need for frequent cleanings.

What should I do if my engagement ring gets scratched?

Preventing scratches is key. Avoid abrasive substances and ensure careful handling. If scratches do occur, consult a professional jeweler for suitable repair options.


Your engagement ring embodies the profound connection you share, a radiant symbol of love's enduring brilliance. Proper care, from regular cleaning to professional examination, ensures this symbol shines as brightly as your bond. With mindful attention and expert guidance, your ring will continue to grace your journey together, a sparkling reminder of the enduring commitment that began with a resounding "yes."

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